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Aerografia : metodo artistico di trasmettere colori e disegni
















3 Artists
Teedesign consists of 3 artists (3 brothers). John, Ryan and Sean Lean.
They have been providing custom design services since 1997.

Before he specialized as a graphic artist, John started out as a t-shirt screen printer in 1994. Owning a printing company with three printing
machines, two Lawson 8 color manual presses, plus 1 M&R Challenger
semi-automatic 10 color press. The company printed licenced brands like Maui & Sons, BUM equipment, Gecko, Rietveld, Body Glove,etc. For Singapore and Malaysia licensees.

As business grew, John and Ryan set up their own design studio. The printing company quickly became one of the top quality t-shirt screen
printers around. In 1997, they sold off the screen printing business to a publicly listed company in Singapore and set up

Ryan specialty is creating digital t-shirt designs that sell. With a pencil, paper and Adobe Photoshop in hand, you can pretty much say that we can create almost anything one can imagine of! No Fear, Pacific Sunwear and Shark Attack were some of the many brands under our belts.

Sean is an instructor and lecturer of Visual Communication and Art History
at the University of Lim Kok Wing. One of the leading institutes of art and creative design in Malaysia. Apart from lecturing, his keen interest has always been applying ideas and concepts into stunning visual images.

After all these years, one common interest has been keeping these 3
artists together... and that is creating the most eye catching "
POP" images!







80 - 100 pixel/inch

rough, stipple look, dots clearly seen after printed on t-shirt.

135 - 155 pixel/inch

standard resolution for most designs

175 - 195 pixel/inch

very fine tone, no pixel is visible after printed on t-shirt



Now you have the primary color concept clear. Okay, here is a more precise one : "Always pick the MIDTONE primary colors". Never pick dark primary colors. Dark primary colors are consider secondary colors because they can be reproduced by mixing themselves with black or darker primary colors.


midtone BLUE


black/darker purple


dark BLUE






(real primary)




(unreal primary)

Keep in mind that any color which can be reproduced by mixture of any 2 other colors is NOT a REAL primary color.

You are now well equip to pick the best set of color for any design. Of course with a few trial and true instead of error.


looks cracked motorcycle

image looks cracked below size


8 color index saparation

8 color indexed at 80 dpi, size 100% or 1:1



Original image



12 colors index separation


12 colors indexed at 80 dpi




















“opere d’arte” di alcuni miei amici




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